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Canna collection

Canna collection

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Indulge in the Sensory Delights of Our Cannabis Accord Candles Collection

Collection includes 3 cannabis scents

OG Kush- fraser fir, spicy floral and cannabis accord

Pomegranate Punch- pomegranate, dewberry, blackberry and cannabis accord

Lilac Diesel - lilac, gardenia, white musk and cannabis accord

150 hours of total burn! - 50 hours of clean burn per candle

Looking for a unique and enticing aroma that combines high-quality scents with cannabis accord? Look no further than our Cannabis Accord Candles Collection. This collection includes three different scents that are sure to delight your senses and transport you to a state of relaxation and bliss.

Each candle in our 7oz Cannabis Accord Candles Collection has a burning time of approximately 50 hours, making them the perfect size for sampling different scents or as a thoughtful gift for cannabis enthusiasts. Plus, our candles are made with high-quality ingredients and are free from harmful toxins, ensuring a clean and safe burn every time.

The Canna collection soy wax candles boast a clean burn and delightful scent that lingers for many hours. Crafted with 100% soy wax, they generate no hazardous byproducts, toxins, carcinogens, or pollutants. Plus, they boast up to 75% longer burn time than paraffin candles.

Our scents are phthalate-free because they're made with 100% natural ingredients that won't work against your health or the environment. Our candles are also vegan because we know that's important.

These candles won't self care themselves. Learn more about candle care below

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