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Maui Wowie soy candle

Maui Wowie soy candle

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What it smells like: Maui Wowie smells the best fruit punch you've ever had! A must have summer candle for every candle lover, it brings the vacation home to you!

Fragrance notes: pineapple, guava, apple and passionfruit.
7oz single wick- 50 hours of clean burn
12oz two wick- 80 hours of clean burn

Vegan, cruelty-free, and phthalate-free, Maui Wowie candles are hand-poured from soy wax. Candle imperfections are cosmetic and do not affect the candle's burning.

Did you know that most of the time, candles aren't made from 100% natural ingredients? They're made with a blend of paraffin wax, dyes, and fragrances. The problem with this is that it's not always safe for you or the environment. That's why¬†Blaze It has created our own line of soy-based candles‚ÄĒmade from 100% natural ingredients! Our hand-poured soy wax candles burn up to 80 hours and don't contain toxins like other candles do.

Maui Wowie soy wax candles burn clean and provide a long-lasting scent. Made from 100% soy wax, it produces no toxins, carcinogens, or pollutants. Enjoy up to 75% more burn time than paraffin candles.

These candles won't self care themselves. Learn more about candle care below 

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